Vintage House Exclusive Offers

Built on agrarian roots and infused with the wine and warmth of Napa Valley, Vintage House at The Estate is a place as much about the journey as it is the destination. A blend of rich Wine Country elements – its textures, light colors and genuine charisma – seamlessly extends to the exploration here, immersing you in authentic discovery.

We invite you to explore the our exclusive experiences. It is our hope that you too will get lost in the moment as you take in the hypnotic air.


Top Down Napa Valley

Top Down Napa Valley puts you behind the wheel. Jump into the driver's seat today and ready yourself for an experience to remember. This is more than a Resort amenity – this is living! Top Down was created for every automobile enthusiast seeking to explore Napa Valley by car. Our staff can suggest a variety of driving experiences to suit every taste. Drive off with either a Corvette or Jaguar…

Gift Certificates at the Vintage House, Yountville, CA

Gift Certificates

If you are looking to surprise someone special with a stay at Vintage House, we have gift cards available.